Understanding The Condemnation Process

The condemnation process is complex and has many steps. Failure to take action at the right time and with the right parties can leave you with little or no recourse against the government for taking your property.

I am attorney Keenya T. Justice of The Justice Firm, LLC. My legal career has been focused on helping people fight for their rights and best interests in the condemnation process. With more than a decade of eminent domain experience, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and an undergraduate degree in finance, I can help you navigate this complex process.

The Beginning Of The Condemnation Process

  • The government — NCDOT or a local government, for example — files a complaint of condemnation in superior court in the county where the property is located.
  • At the same time, the government deposits what they consider to be the fair value of the property with the court.
  • At this point, the property owner needs to file an answer with the court. If the property owner fails to file an answer, he or she will only ever receive the amount that had been deposited with the court as compensation for the property.

How Long Do I Have To File An Answer?

The amount of time you have to file an answer depends on which chapter of the law applies in your case. If the condemnation is taking place under Section 136, you will have one year to file an answer. If the condemnation is taking place under Chapter 40A, you will only have 120 days to file an answer. I can help you understand which chapter applies in your case, and I will work diligently to ensure that we meet deadlines to preserve your right to full and fair compensation for your property.

Knowing Whom To Work With At What Stage Of The Process Is Important

Depending on what stage you are at in the process, you may have to deal with various people to achieve your goals. At the outset, a right-of-way agent begins the process. Once a complaint is filed, discussions need to be carried out with the Attorney General's Office. Additionally, your lender may be involved in the process.

Knowing the parties involved, their goals and their role in the process is vital to the success of your case. I can help guide you through this process and negotiate with the appropriate parties at any stage in the condemnation process.

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