Partial vs. Total Takings

Total Taking

When the government takes ALL of your property (a total take), you are entitled to receive the fair market value for your property. The compensation you receive may be less than you believe you are entitled because of many factors, most of which you are likely unaware. For example, depreciation may be deducted from the value of the structures on the property, thereby reducing the amount of compensation you receive.

Partial Taking

When the government takes only part of your property (a partial take), the part taken may impact the value of the remaining property. There are many issues that can negatively impact the value of the remaining property, several of which are noncompensable.

I am attorney Keenya T. Justice of The Justice Firm, LLC. I look at the entire array of issues affecting your property and how it functions — and could potentially function — both before and after the taking. My job is to channel all of the issues that negatively impact your property through the narrow funnel of compensable items that North Carolina law allows.