• What kind of information does The Justice Firm need for a case from its clients?

    When you elect to have Ms. Justice as your attorney, we ask that you fill out a client intake packet. This includes a contract for legal services explaining the contingency fee agreement, a general information form, a Lender Authorization Release form so that we can get a partial release of the property from your mortgage company, and a W-9 so that the money deposited for your property by the government can be released to you. In addition to these general forms, which every client receives, we ask that a client provide us with the appraisal they received from the government, and any other information they believe is relevant to the case that may impact the value of their remaining property.

  • Who do we represent? (Individual home and land owners, businesses, etc.)

    No property is immune from the threat of eminent domain. Even graves and cemeteries have been relocated for projects. As such, we represent everyone who owns property and may be a victim of eminent domain. This means individual home owners, all types of businesses, HOAs, owners of vacant lots, churches and all other land owners.