Protecting People's Property Against Government Takings

Focused On Helping Individuals And Business With Their Eminent Domain Issues

I am attorney Keenya T. Justice of The Justice Firm, LLC. I have more than a decade of experience focused exclusively on eminent domain issues, and I know how to help people when the government takes their private property for public use through the condemnation process.

I offer clients experienced and skillful assistance with eminent domain issues and the condemnation process, including matters involving:

  • Disputed appraisals — Too often the government bases the value of the property it is taking on noncomprehensive appraisal reports that leave property owners insufficiently compensated.
  • Abuse of eminent domain powers — Is the government abusing its power of eminent domain? I can help you protect your property rights.
  • Valuation of commercial and residential property — For business owners who are facing property loss through condemnation, it is essential that the appraisal include all aspects that make a property valuable to a business owner.
  • The condemnation process — My extensive experience can help you understand the condemnation process, and it allows me to create the most effective strategy for securing full compensation for you. I have authored the only North Carolina Real Estate Commission approved class on eminent domain and the condemnation process, which has taught thousands of North Carolina real estate agents.
  • Partial vs. total taking — Not all government takings of property are "total takings." The government may take only a portion of the property, but it can impact the remaining property. I can help you understand the impact of a partial taking and pursue the compensation you deserve for the property that was taken.
  • Inverse condemnation — Has the government taken or damaged the utility of your property but has neglected to pay you for it? Perhaps the government already has an easement on your property but has gone outside of its prescribed area or has used the easement for longer than it should have. I can help you take legal action to pursue compensation for an inverse condemnation claim; in such claims, the government pays your attorney's fees.
  • Properties subject to deed of trust/mortgage — If your property is subject to a deed of trust or mortgage, when the government takes part of it, what it is also taking is part of your lender's collateral for the loan you received. I will fight on your behalf to keep as much of the compensation as possible in your pocket as opposed your lender's.
  • Property managers and homeowner's associations (HOAs) — When part of a strip mall or a community's common area property is taken due to eminent domain and condemnation, I can help you take the right steps to maximize your compensation so your properties can be restored.
  • Companies with the power to condemn property — It is not just the government that has the power to take private property for public use. Some companies such as Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas also have this power, and they can also condemn property. I am well-versed in dealing with these types of condemnation cases.
  • Temporary construction easements — Although the area within a temporary construction easement reverts back to the property owner when construction is completed, they can last for several years. Temporary construction easements can disrupt business operations and possibly the value of your property depending on where the temporary construction easement is located on your property.

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