Client Testimonials

“When our HOA received notice that park of our entrance would be taken for a roundabout and an offer of compensation that did not feel adequate, we began trying to counter the offer on our own. We were frustrated by the apparent complexity of the eminent domain process. By coincidence and at just the right time our Property Managers learned of Keenya and firm’s area of expertise. From our first conference call, to the in person meeting with our Board, to the final agreement, Keenya has demonstrated a superior level of knowledge, experience, and professionalism. We are most grateful that we found her and that she has led us to a satisfactory settlement with the DOT. ” – Sheryl Fortune, HOA President, Hendersonville NC

“The Justice Firm was very easy to work with. Keenya excelled at customer service, was accommodating, and took time to answer any questions we had. She met with our board and was able to participate on conference calls that worked with our schedules. She had good recommendations for how to proceed, excellent communication, and we ended up getting much better results than we otherwise would have received.” – Alan Baker, HOA President, Greensboro NC

“Great job on the Inverse Condemnation deal! It would be wonderful to get the city to pay attorney’s fees. We were very happy with the results of the meeting today. If we can get the agreement signed by the four homeowners and Brad will agree to the 70/80k range we will have a deal. Thanks!” – Dick Beatty, HOA President, Charlotte NC

“The Justice Firm is the exclusive representation of Win Properties, Inc., for all of its condemnation and eminent domain needs in the state of North Carolina. Win is a national commercial real estate firm with properties owned and operated in 39 states and Canada. In North Carolina, Win owns and operates nine properties containing over 250,000 SF of retail commercial space. The Justice Firm has stood shoulder to shoulder with Win to protect us and make sure that we received fair and equitable compensation for property which has been taken through eminent domain. If your company is looking for professional, personal, expert assistance for property which has been condemned or taken by the State, look no further than The Justice Firm. They will fight for your rights and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.” – Rick Yarmy, Commercial Property Manager, Rye NY

“In our Eminent Domain case, we were the only neighbor on our block to seek the assistance of an attorney, and it was the best decision that we made. The Justice Firm was our best friend and advocate in dealing with powerful, adversarial interests. We wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend them.” – Robert Hall, Residential Property Investor, Miami FL

“If you are facing a Condemnation/Eminent Domain matter, do not try to do it alone. The Justice Firm, LLC, was professional and courteous, no matter how many times I called. They had the knowledge to help me through the complex process of eminent domain. I could not have done it without them. The Justice Firm, LLC, fought for us, and we received more compensation than expected. Thank you Justice Firm!” – April Jones, Homeowner, Charlotte NC

“Last Friday I attended the NC Real Estate Commission’s new elective course entitled, Eminent Domain: What Every Agent Should Know, taught by the author, Keenya T. Justice. In 25 years of taking real estate continuing education, this is unquestionably the best course ever offered. The subject matter was interesting, informative and useful. Ms. Justice is an expert in the field, bringing real-world examples into the classroom to further understandings. She was a delightful instructor, being very comfortable in front of a group and able to move through her presentation smoothly while fielding questions and comments from the group.” – Angel Banks, Right-of-Way Agent, Buncombe County NC

“Keenya and her team won me an additional $25k over what the NCDOT initially proposed. They worked tirelessly on my behalf to ensure a positive result. Thanks for all of your hard work; you are appreciated!” – Melanie S. Berry, Homeowner, Charlotte NC

“The Justice Firm more than met my expectations. They educated me of my own rights, as property owner, in facing Eminent Domain. They worked with diligence and expertise, all while keeping me well informed of my case. My initial offer more than doubled as a result of The Justice Firm! Thank you!” – Mark Sandler, Homeowner, Spring Lake NC

“As a small business, we were surprised to have found that The Justice Firm Lawyers were the only Lawyers needed to handle our transactional, litigation and personal needs. Their understanding of business practices allowed them to serve as our general counsel. They had the ability to protect our interest in court and ensure that we obtained the full benefit out of our contractual arrangements. We are so grateful for the support and the success that The Justice Firm brought to our case.” –D. Richard Ingram, Small-Business Owner, Charlotte NC

“The Forest Pond HOA Board has been extremely satisfied with the representation by Keenya Justice for our community in a necessary lawsuit against the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Our HOA Board entered into a contract with The Justice Firm on February 22nd, 2012 and it has been over four years of a rather long, hard road to finally reach a successful conclusion. The addition compensation obtained will help lessen the detrimental impact of a four-lane highway being built through the middle of our neighborhood. Primarily, the intent is to restore our namesake pond and establish a significant tree buffer. Keenya has done an excellent job of working with our board, addressing a number of issues along the way, and we very much appreciate everything accomplished on our behalf. ” –Mehl W. Renner, HOA President, Charlotte NC